The clarity collective
A 12 month purpose and profits mentorship for spiritual women on a business journey who want more flow of confidence, clients and cash

Feel CONFIDENT about your path and purpose 

Follow your INTUITION in Life and Business 

 Create MARKETING that magnetizes and monetizes

Get out of your head and into your heart to create SALES

Tina Tower

""Working with Amber truly changed my life. She activated something in me that I didn't know was there. I show up so differently in my energy and own my intuition which is making me and my business FLOURISH!"

Allie Cassaza

"Amber is my secret creative and intuitive weapon for my business! Shes my go to for offer alignment, how to get into sales action and helps me come up with the best ideas, product names and pricing!"

You are passionate about your gifts...
You know you want to help others-
you just aren’t clear how to start sharing it with the world and charging the kind of money you truly crave for it...

You feel like you are supposed to be doing something bigger,
you KNOW
You are Meant for More...

It’s time to make an intuitive impact with your business and turn your power into profits
(the aligned way, of course)
tell me if any of this sounds familiar...

You love what you do, but you don’t feel comfortable selling 

You have some ideas, but you don’t know how to make them come alive and make you money 

You have some services, but you don’t know how to create packages, price and promote them 

You feel overwhelmed by trying to put together all of the systems that are needed for a small online business 

You believe in the Law of Attraction but need some help getting it working more positively for you and your business 

You feel like you are going in circles while others are soaring high 

You know you are intuitive but you don’t know how to fully stand in your power 

You are confused about list building, opt-ins, content creation and webinars

welcome to
The clarity collective!

Have you been searching for that place to develop both
your spiritual side as well as building your dream business?

Are you longing for a community of
powerhouse, intuitive and professional sisters?

Have you been looking for
guidance, coaching, connection, collaboration and growth?

Come closer...
It is time for you to finally have clarity and confidence in your gifts and your
business! It is time for you to be paid for bringing your light to this world!
The Clarity Collective and community was designed to get you into inspired sales action, help you develop a positive mindset and teach you the steps needed to run and manage a spiritual business.

The Clarity Collective
is the ultimate entrepreneur plans to success as a creative, intuitive, healer and lightworker!
If you are:

Tired of hunting for clients in Facebook groups 

Struggling to keep the “doors open” to your business 

Spinning your wheels trying to figure out where to spend your time 

Trying to attract paying clients

 Feeling stuck, in need some real direction, motivation and of course CLARITY...

Then this is FOR YOU!
Here's how it works:
The Clarity Collective is a comprehensive 12 month program designed to empower spiritual entrepreneurs on their journey to create, market, and sell their services.

 This transformative program offers: 

Weekly Zoom Clarity Calls: Engage in dynamic group sessions that blend teaching, coaching, and channeling to provide you with holistic sales and business guidance. Each week we focus on increasing your income and impact through intuitive sales strategies, creative marketing campaigns and energy and mindset management! (Total Value $9999)

1/1 Hot Seat Feedback: All participants have the opportunity to receive personalized feedback/coaching or simply join for inspiration and insight, ensuring a unique learning experience every single week!

A Daily Dose of Clarity mini-messages and readings on ALL the topics: mindset, energy, sales, marketing, services and offers, etc. all weaved with inspiration and clear direction. The format of these will intuitively flow and be hosted in your inbox or Facebook group! (Total Value $2999)

Quarterly Guest Speakers-on hot topics like paid advertising opportunities, mindset, healing, energy, numerology and MORE!!!! (Total Value $3999)

Private Facebook Group- for community, connection, coaching and inspiring content! Plus. some fun surprises along the way! (Total Value $2999)

The Clarity Hub- content, courses and resources to help you take inspired action in your life & business (Total Value $4999)

So...what are you waiting for?

The Total Value of The CLARITY COLLECTIVE IS OVER $24,999!

Your one time investment

12 easy payments of just $99
The journey to your transformation begins today.

Business Success does NOT have to be a push and hustle

Embracing Your Inner Wisdom & Magic does NOT have to just be a side hobby

Entrepreneurship does NOT have to be a lonely journey
So...what are you waiting for?

The Total Value of The CLARITY COLLECTIVE IS OVER $24,999!

Your one time investment

12 easy payments of just $99
Tina Tower

""Working with Amber truly changed my life. She activated something in me that I didn't know was there. I show up so differently in my energy and own my intuition which is making me and my business FLOURISH!"

Allie Cassaza

"Amber is my secret creative and intuitive weapon for my business! Shes my go to for offer alignment, how to get into sales action and helps me come up with the best ideas, product names and pricing!"

I'm Amber Annette, and I believe that every woman possesses the power to create a wildly successful and fulfilling business that aligns with her true purpose. Whether you're seeking clarity, inspiration, or a transformational shift, my psychic Business Readings and Coaching will guide you to take the actions, set the boundaries, embody the beliefs, and craft the impactful marketing strategies needed to manifest it all.

When you work with me, you can expect a unique blend of intuitive guidance, practical wisdom, and strategic insights. I believe that true success in business comes from aligning with your inner wisdom, embracing your authentic self, and taking inspired action.

Who is The Clarity Collective for?

  • Spiritual Coaches 
  • Psychics and Intuitives 
  • Holistic Direct Sales Leaders
  • Creative Consultants 
  • Healers and Wellness Professionals
  • Brick and Mortar Businesses
  • New and rising female entrepreneurs 
  • Realtors

Join the Clarity Collective and align your spiritual gifts with your business aspirations. 

This program offers invaluable guidance, a supportive community, and bonus courses & content to elevate your entrepreneurial success and make a lasting impact. It's time to shine your light and manifest your spiritual business vision!

  • Who can benefit from this program?
    The Clarity Collective was divinely designed for visionary entrepreneurs and business owners eager to start generating income from their spiritual services and offers. This program is your pathway to swiftly transform your business into a source of immediate income while operating from your unique gifts, by primarily focusing on teachings and coaching that provide you strategy and support on learning to sell your services, products and programs.
  • What can I expect to learn in this program?
    You'll learn how to align your business with your spiritual values, identify your unique gifts, create a purpose-driven sales strategy, and overcome common objections in the spiritual business journey. Everyday there are different teachings, coaching and channeling all to give you the support and strategy you need to feel CLEAR and CONFIDENT in your life and business.
  • Is this program suitable for beginners?
    Yes, this program caters to both beginners and those with existing businesses. It offers guidance and strategies for individuals at various stages of their entrepreneurial journey.
  • How long is the program, and what is the format?
    The Clarity Collective is a 12 month experience, providing you with daily clarity content, weekly group zoom coaching, and quarterly guest experts. (Annual Clarity Retreat to be announced soon)
  • Will I have access to the content after the program ends?
    Yes, you'll have ongoing access to the program materials so you can revisit them whenever you need guidance or inspiration.
  • Do I need any specific skills or knowledge before joining?
    No specific skills or prior knowledge are required. This program is designed to help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to align your business with your spiritual path.
  • Is there a community or support system in place for program participants?
    Yes, we offer a supportive community where you can connect with like-minded women in business, ask questions, and share your experiences in the private Facebook group. Joining is not required, but encouraged!
  • What makes this program different from other business courses?
    The Clarity Collective integrates spiritual principles and practices into traditional business strategies, providing a unique and holistic approach to entrepreneurship. Each call is unique, live and interactive making it completely incomparable!
  • Is The Clarity Collective a membership program?
    NO! Where there is a monthly payment option for the 12 months, the program requires a 12 month commitment. It is not a month to month membership.
  • When are the weekly Clarity group calls?
    The Clarity Calls are every Wednesday at 2pm EST/1 pm CST. Each call is held via Zoom, and recorded for you.

"Amber is a miracle worker! Working with her created a rapid breakthrough in my business. I was burned out and my marketing energy was totally blocked. She tapped into my spirit and my true desire to serve women, and reconnected me to my deeper purpose. She used that energy field to craft a wildly effective marketing campaign for me…and my sales game absolutely exploded. After she unblocked me and tapped in my soul’s energy, I had my first $65K month in business."

- Lauren Widrick

"The biggest impact was having the community and listening to each other about successes and challenges. Ambers ideas and strategies for actions to take inspired us to move towards our goals- and kept us accountable to ourselves every week! "

- Amy Spring

"Working with Amber is the best of both worlds — she has the business know-how to turn your gifts into revenue combined with incredible psychic gifts that remind us that the Universe is always on our side. She sees the big picture and also knows how to break it down into manageable steps. She walks her talk as a mom, a woman, and an entrepreneur. Amber is an investment you will never regret!"

- Jennifer Schmidt

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Veronica Valli

"Do not hesitate to work with Amber. I am so incredibly grateful for her intuitive magic that she continues to bring to me year after year!"

Sarah Gillespie

"Amber is my muse. I had been working with her on a creative block in my business, she channeled an incredible idea that I instantly started selling and made over $50k!"

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I cannot wait to see you inside!!!

Amber Annette